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November 2011

pre-surgical team #2 arriving.....Nov 4

I'm out on the balcony, brought out my Bible and devotional book. Annie just left with the truck full of the kids going to school and I was going to catch a ride part way to Pierre Payen. There is still lots I want to do before the team from Nebraska arrives tomorrow. But I told her to go ahead, cause I really felt like I needed to spend some time with God this morning instead of rushing off.
As I laid out my books, I had an overwhelming feeling that I would want to share my devotion with you today so I grabbed the computer. As it was opening, I looked up today's devotion in my "Jesus Calling" book and it brought me to tears. You see, I am wanting to get so much finished for the team.....and though I don't feel "stressed" about it and I've learned to just be happy with what I can get done, it is often on my mind!!! And it is the job that God sent me to Haiti to do!
Here is what I read.......
"Walk peacefully with me through this day. You are wondering how you will cope with all that is expected of you. You must traverse this day like any other: one step at a time. Instead of mentally rehearsing how you will do this or that, keep your mind on My Presence and on taking the next step. The more demanding your day, the more help you can expect from Me. This is a training opportunity, since I designed you for deep dependence on your Shepherd-King. Challenging times wake you up and amplify your awareness of needing My help.
When you don't know what to do, wait while I open the way before you. Trust that I know what I'm doing, and be ready to follow My lead. I will give strength to you, and I will bless you with Peace."

WOW.....is all I can say!!! How did I ever believe that I was doing "it" all on my own before 1994!!
Psalm 30:2 "O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me." Thank you Jesus.............

My prayer is that you will find Peace in your life today and always.

I see that my last entry was the day before Team #1 arrived. Once the teams get here, it does get busy. New friends to meet, jobs to define, work to be done. It's all fun and exciting and rewarding......and thankfully we are able to help many people. I'm trying to encourage the teams to ask the Haitians to come alongside us, to work with them, to encourage that to happen. We North Americans tend to just bulldoze our way in and take over. It's very intimidating for them, I've found. I knew that Greg Mortensen was absolutely right when I read his book.......when we come to help, we have to build relationships first and then ask how we can help. I've been very blessed to be able to be here for this long as it's allowed me to get to know many of the Haitians that I work with and have met.
So now with joy and peace in my heart, I'm off to Pierre Payen hospital to do what I can today. I know I'll be led to do what's important and what I can do on my own. Tomorrow God is sending 17 workers. My prayer is that we help and not harm any of the people who come to us.
Here is the latest addition to the OSAPO website....Dr. Gardy just sent it to me and I want to share it with you......he is an amazing man!

Balance after one year of Cholera

One year after the discovery of the first cholera cases in Haiti, Oganizasyon Sante Popile/OSAPO would like to express its concern about the response given to the epidemic up to date by both Haitian authorities and some international organizations. OSAPO considers the established treatment capacities as well as implemented preventive measures inadequate and insufficient.
According to latest information provided by the Haitian health authorities more than 465,000 Haitians have been infected with cholera and at least 6,500 people died since the epidemic started to present itself in the country a year ago. Whereas the former Minister of Health, Dr. Alex Larsen, declared in September 2011 that the epidemic is under control, case numbers rise in different parts of the country after every heavy rain. The lack of latrines and access to drinking water represent the two main structural problems for a sustainable control of the epidemic. Both the national authorities and the international humanitarian community have to invest in this area in order to be able to stop the further spread of the epidemic.
In order to respond quickly and efficiently to the crisis OSAPO and its partners such as Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Bread for the Word, Action Medeor and Lutheran World Federation deployed more than 50 health promoters in the field to educate people about adequate behavior, sensitize them about the risks of contamination and provide them with material. With the help of this program more than 27,000 families have been educated and sensitized since November 2010. 1,875,000 water purification tablets and 968.000 Oral Rehydration Serum have been distributed. Through the establishment of a Cholera Treatment Centre (CTC) with a capacity of 55 beds more than 7,000 people of all age ranges were treated.
In other to maintain the efforts that have been made during the Program, OSAPO decided to build 60 latrines and a distribution point for drinking water has been installed with a capacity of 60,000 liters per day providing to more than 3,000 people every day.
We would like to thank all our partners and friends who contributed to our efforts to support the population during this difficult period. We are very grateful for that. But the road is still long and we count on you and your continuous support in order to be able to achieve substantial long term results that would provide for better living conditions for the vulnerable population.
Mesi anpil !

Blessings to you all........Judy

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