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October 2013

Is it really October 27 2013????


Hello again to all who are reading this....
I am once again in Montrouis, Haiti for the 5th trip! I feel totally blessed to be here again. I left Vancouver the evening of Oct. 17, flew overnite via Seattle to Miami and arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti at noon on Friday Oct 18.
The first American surgical team that I usually work with arrived Saturday Oct 19 and it's been busy at the hospital in Pierre Payen ever since. Unfortunately (or perhaps "fortunately") Dr. John Judson, leader of the team could not recruit any other nurses for the team and so the first couple of days were spent showing and teaching the team members how we were going to progress from surgery to surgery. The 4 surgeons (2 OB/GYN and 2 GEN) were quick to volunteer assembling instruments and scrubbed with each other for the first few surgeries. Then we were able to integrate the 2 Haitian nurses who usually work in the OR to join us and this team has been going well ever since.
It is a true joy to see the 2 country groups work together to get the work done. I anticipate that next time the forces will join sooner. It all takes time.
We have repaired many hernias, taken out uterui containing the biggest fibroids we have seen (one was 12#9.5oz) and had a baby by C Section. It was a difficult delivery, done under anesthetic for good reasons, and the babe was successfully resuscitated and he and mom and dad have gone home. The team has worked very well together.
Today 3 team members went home to New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and I went with them to PAP to meet up with Linda Frandsen, my dear friend from Kelowna who has come to join me for 6 weeks!!! Thank you God for that blessing!! : ) We presently are sitting by the ocean, waves lapping with a lovely breeze at a resort called "Moulin sur Mer". Google it and you'll see how delightful it is. The team needed a break before carrying on next week and so finally this was a good time for me to get on this blog.
I will try my best to keep in touch....our internet service at the Guesthouse where we are staying is much better than last year but still can be sketchy. Blessing to you all. Keep us in your prayers.

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