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September 2012

3 more days til plane time!

Hi to all........I'm in Steveston BC still, enjoying the beautiful fall weather here in Canada. My friend Kristi who is in Haiti right now, writes in her blog about how hot she is and that's she's sleeping out on the porch cause it is cooler at night. Soon she'll have to move her air bed over and make room for me as that's my favorite place to sleep too! : )
As I'm clearing up some papers, what to take...what to leave behind....I came across an In Touch devotional book that I had followed in July in Haiti. As I flipped through the pages, I came across something circled and I had written...."Share on the Blog". This is what it says.....

"We need to realize that our willingness to trust the Lord affects every area of our lives...how we feel, what we do, the way He blesses us, and whether our prayers are answered. It all begins with our focus.
Our focus in turn affects our emotions. Those who choose to believe what God says experience the peace and joy of knowing He has everything under His control. Because they trust Him, fewer situations bother them. But if our minds are filled with doubts, anxiety and fear rush in...then, we're just not sure if the Lord is going to help us or not. Instead of resting in Christ, we fuss and fume, trying to anticipate all possible outcomes and solve every problem in our own strength."

What an answer to prayer these words are! Yesterday, I had been thinking of all I haven't got ready to take back to Haiti, thinking of "why didn't I get it done" etc etc. This morning I prayed that God would lead me to organize things so that I could catch the ferry and go visit Sean and Emily and not be distracted by all the "what if's" and "I should have's". And this morning has been wonderful.
Shanny and I woke up and shared coffee and then went for a long walk with Jack (her dog) along the Fraser River delta here in Steveston. The fog was just lifting and it was beautiful. Then back for breakfast and I got my nose into my Bible and prayed for peace and joy for this day!!!
The hockey bags are packed. My carry on suitcase is packed. I'm almost at the bottom of these papers and then I'm out the door to the 5pm ferry to Victoria...and it's only noon! : )
My prayer is that you will re-read these words given to us to share. Decide where you want to put your trust today! And let God lead you to peace and joy!
Next post from Haiti.........xo Judy

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Heading back to Haiti Sept 30 2012

Good grief!!! Here it is September 20 and I've been in Canada since August 8 and am soon heading back to Haiti! I guess it's about time I updated this blog. I continue to be amazed at how many people are following this and I thank you all for your interest. I don't know who you all are but please know that I am encouraged by your interest. I hope you are getting to know a bit more about Haiti and her wonderful people through some of my "musings".
I've enjoyed great family time since my return...first at my niece Savannah's wedding in Victoria and then at a cabin on Okanagan Lake for a week with the guys and girls! Lots of fun...and we hope to make it an annual family event!
I then headed off to Alberta to see my mom who will turn 88 in October. She continues to amaze me with her youthfulness and stamina and we had a great visit together...often just driving around the countryside checking out the crops! Alberta is beautiful this time of year with harvest in full swing.
I've got 2 hockey bags packed already with some of the things that are hard to find there. More and more, I'm finding I would rather take $$ back and buy what I can there. A great way to help stimulate their economy.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the Pierre Payen Hospital looks like....hopefully all the renovations are finished. Time will tell. Then Miss Gretta and I are hoping to hold some inservices with the nursing staff and get ready for the American surgical teams that are coming for the month of November. 4 different teams will be there...some of the people will stay over a week. It will be a busy yet fruitful time as many Haitians will get their elective surgeries done. Dr. Toussaint is a very capable surgeon but he can only do so much and the wait list is very very very long!! Also these teams will bring some of the much needed medical supplies that are hard...or impossible...to get in Haiti! Haiti is progressing along but there are still many needs we can help with.
Celine Lee has decided to join me in November and I look forward to working with her for a month. She's the daughter of a long time friend, Laurence. He and I have shared surgical mission trips to Nicaragua in the past and I'm hoping he'll come on one more trip, only this time to Haiti.
I am starting to "talk" to people about forming a surgical team to come to Haiti in June 2013. There is a small group of nursing instructors interested to come then and a surgical team would certainly complement what they will be doing. So if you're interested, please email me at judydouglas@telus.net. I would love to hear from you.
So that's all for now. My next blog will be from Haiti...I'm sitting here now in Vernon with a sweater on. Soon I'll be so HOT that I will find it hard to imagine ever feeling cool! : ) But I've kept the weight loss off since last time so if I go a few more times, I may actually get to my "ideal" weight!!! : )
Talk to you soon...........Judy

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