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September 2010

Getting ready

Hello to all.........Thanks to a good friend Anna, I now know a little about blog making. It was recommended to me to use this format during this latest adventure that God is sending me on. So dear friends and family, this is my first entry!
I'm heading off on another journey with God as my pilot.
I was nudged back in January and was ready to hop on the next plane and help in Haiti after the earthquake, but I felt I was being told...."no, just wait. Go later when they'll need people who can stay longer, when all the initial flood of volunteers have left."
And so I waited and listened and read about the devastation. As the winter months went by, I prayed with my wonderful Bible Study friends about what to do. Then I got the first affirmation phone call from Susan. She had heard I was thinking of going to Haiti and would like to join me. So we met and enthusiasm to plan this together grew.
Then a couple of months later, after still more wonderings on my part about "if and when", I got another phone call......this time from Shannon. She said, "I heard you're going to Haiti Judy and I'd really like to go with you."
"OK"...I said...this time to God ......."I hear you......I'm going to Haiti." And so the trip became reality.
Trudy and I had been talking all this time and she was being encouraged to form a Vision Team to go to Haiti to visit Leslie and Chris and Sarah and Peter at Clean Water for Haiti. Soon our 2 heads were welded together making plans, dates, tossing ideas around.
I knew I could stay longer than the 8 days of the Vision Team. Susan and Shannon still have jobs and so their time was limited to 5 weeks. I have booked to stay 8.5 weeks.
I have never doubted that this is God's plan for me. I know that, I feel secure in that knowledge........and feel so very very blessed!

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