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February 2014

In Haiti......

Dear friends........I have been told never to start a statement with "I'm sorry" but that's how I feel now....I have been in Haiti since mid-Jan and it is now mid-Feb!!! So much has gone on!
I was sitting outside the OSAPO hospital tonite and a motorcycle went by with 2 fellows and 2 mattesses on board!!!. They had to stop right before us to readjust their load as they carried up the mountain road and I thought....."I must write this on my blog"....so here I am!
Since I arrived Jan. 15, I have been at Pierre Payen Hospital, the orphanage and the OSAPO hospital. There have been 2 teams here in that time and that is always busy, getting ready for them and then working with them while they are here. Both teams were new to me but I have been communicating by email with them for a long time.
Roc Bonnell leads a long-time team from Texas and Sandra has a team here right now at OSAPO from New York. I certainly am getting to know lots of Americans and hope in the future to bring some of you Canadians here!!!! Let me know if you are interested! (judydouglas@telus.net)
Right now, the need is for some experienced OR nurses to come and help me/take over the OR nursing training here at OSAPO and at Pierre Payen Hospital. This is a desperate need and I plead with you to consider coming to help.
Some friends, who came last November 2013 and saw the need, are planning a fundraiser on May 22 2014 in Vernon to help raise funds for an OR workroom for OSAPO. This will also include some much needed storage space. I will let you know more about it as time progresses.
The children at Annie's orphanage are growing...and a few new ones have joined the group. It is always action in progress when I go there. I have been spending most of my time at OSAPO and Pierre Payen Hospital but am blessed this weekend to be spending the weekend at the orphanage, helping as I can, while Annie takes her staff for a much-needed break to a local resort! Pray for me as I tend to 18 children and get them ready for church on Sunday morning!!!!
I love the fact that I have so many friends back home who are interested in what is happening here in Haiti. I feel very positive that the Haitians I am working with are making a difference and that hopefully soon, we outsiders, won't be needed. But for right now, I am coming alongside the Haitian nurses, helping as I can, teaching as I know, and praying that it is making a difference.
I am thankful that Iris is back in my home taking care of it....she is looking for a place to live when I return. If you know of anything, please let me know.
Life continues on in Haiti....so many stories that I would love to tell but not now! I am blessed that you are reading this. Please comment....it encourages me! : )
xoxoxo Judy

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