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January 2014

Back to Haiti.....sitting in LA airport.....

Hi again....I just reread my last entry. Where does the time go? I had a wonderful Christmas with my mom...and family Shay, Brandon and Steven in Edmonton. Yep, it felt cold as I walked out the door of the Edmonton airport in my capris and sandals but my dear Uncle Bill and Aunt Nomy met me with my winter coat in hand and blankets in the back seat of the car! : ) Then a quick stop-over in Vernon to pick up the LEEP cautery machine donated by IHA 2 years ago and now needed at Pierre Payen Hospital. They now have another 24/7 OB/GYN and will be able to get a cervical cancer screening program going!! Praises to God for always having what is needed at the right time!
It was with full joy that I got to spend time with both Sean, Emily and Hayden and then Joel and his newly "official" family. Joel and Alice got engaged before Christmas and so Alice and her 6 year old son Sebastian are joining the Douglas clan! More praises!!! Wedding date to be announced!
I feel pretty disjointed right now....the trip was a rush but I was so very glad to see Mom again! She is such a trooper and takes one day at a time. She does fuss a bit but at 89, she is allowed to do that! I wish I had 1/2 the discipline that she has.
So now I'm on the road again. Time to get back to OSAPO and finish what we started there in Nov and early Dec. The new Maternity wing needs to get rolling and I'm praying that Olga from Vernon will be arriving back in Haiti soon too. Please pray that she can get all her family and work responsibilities covered so she can join me in the work.
Just yesterday, I finished writing out a "newsletter" of all the things I'm involved with in my time in Haiti and I've just clicked and dragged the document to here. I wonder if you'll be able to read it. Hope you can... cause it's time to board my plane. On to Miami overnighter and then into Port au Prince by 9am EST.
/Users/judydouglas/Desktop/JUDY’S JOURNEY IN HAITI 2013 - 1.docx
Blessings to all and thank you for keeping track of me and keeping me in your prayers.
xo Judy

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