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Email post from a friend Ann

I have written about a woman named Annie that I've gotten to know here. She and I first got to know each other when we worked together at the cholera hospital in St Marc....which seems like many moons ago! She has a website www.bonsamaritan.org (or maybe it's .com) She's been coming to Haiti for 15 years and now has an orphanage here with about 14 kids. She lives in Michigan and spends about 5 months of the year in Haiti. She has a Haitian couple...Kwam and Lisa...as her partners at the orphanage and they are a huge blessing! I thought you might like to read her Christmas email that she's sent out........ She got home to Michigan before the election and is writing this from home. I just got an email from her with a picture taken of her lying on an airmattress on the frozen water in her above ground pool covered with snow.....wearing her bathing suit, working on "not losing her Haitian tan!!" She's quite a character and I grown to love her dearly. We will be working together again as God has laid a plan in my heart to organize an OR team to come back here in 2011. More about that later!!! Merry Christmas to all!!! Who knows.....the way things are going with the airlines here, I may be spending Christmas in Haiti!!! I truly do hope not but my ticket has been rebooked daily. Now it's looking like I'll be flying home Dec 15/16!!! Time will tell.........

On Dec 10, 2010, godbless@chartermi.net wrote:

Merriest Christmas as we celebrate His birth.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Cholera hit Haiti so I made a sudden trip afraid for the children and
the whole country. I have trouble hearing God sometimes and want to
learn to listen better but when I arrived I heard Him tell me I need to
go work at the hospital that you saw on TV. I even argued with Him in my
head saying I would do something else but that just wasn’t my thing to
actually care for cholera and help treat the people let alone third
shift. When I told Kwam my partner that I was going to work at the
hospital his reply was’ “You’re joking right?” :-) At that time I wish I
was joking because I was afraid also.

What a blessing it was for me to go and serve and learn all about
cholera and pray with the people and care for them. A new friend from
Canada worked with me and what a blessing Judy was. God allowed us rest
during the day and stayed by my side to give me great strength to do the
job. I just had to stay in His presence and it was an easy task. It is
true it is Him not us.

Some people need as many as 4 IV’s because they dehydrate so quickly
thru diarrhea and vomiting. You must get fluids in them quickly. A
pastors wife in the mountains started vomiting with diarrhea and was
dead within 24 hours. They have six children. Often they cannot get to a
clinic in time, it is too far to travel.

We had Christmas with the children thanks to Sharron Davis from Texas
who organized gifts for all the kids and mailed them to my house so I
could take them to Haiti. We did it early as to not spoil their real
Christmas and I wanted to be there. They do not give Christmas gifts in
Haiti. They spend the whole day celebrating His birth.

We had a group come from Nebraska during Thanksgiving. They fixed many
wells with the well drillers. It worked out perfect and there were three
pastors with us. We all had a wonderful time. If you want to come to
Haiti and help just let me know.

I brought a black lab puppy on the plane and the kids love him and he
will be a great watchdog for the orphanage. We named him Abraham. God
gave us favor for the temperature to be over 45 degrees the morning we
flew from Detroit.

My husband and I return December 31st. Mark will build the kids wooden
bunk beds, build a new railing for the stairs and other projects that
need to be done. The well drillers will be at the orphanage too so many
more wells will be fixed and a few new ones drilled. This is clean water
that saves lives.

I am working on getting Bidiory, age 7, a medical visa for Detroit
Children’s Hospital to fix his club feet. Please pray he can get the
help he needs. He is the sweetest little boy and it is heartbreaking to
see him walk on all fours like a monkey. But is he fast and can play

An anonymous person graciously donated $10,000 to buy a truck. Our truck
is a 1986 that keeps breaking down. We did fine a Ford Ranger made in
Japan with a Nissan motor 2009 four door with only 21,000 miles on it
that a Haitian is willing to sell for $20,000 so he can move to Canada
which is a fantastic deal so please pray we can purchase this truck.
Also the owner of our huge house that can fit 60 children just agreed to
sell it to us for about $200,000. We only have enough to pay our yearly
rent and support the kids that we have right now but I KNOW God will
find a way and it is up to HIM.. Dream big and it will happen.

We keep getting blessed thru people like you that keep on giving and
that is what it takes to have this mission. You are wonderful
missionaries also and how can I thank you enough? My life has never
been happier and the blessings keep coming. I am learning to pray
boldly with strangers everywhere I go even here in Michigan. This woman
used our Lord’s name is vain today at a store and I told her please say
that it offends me. She apologized and we ended up praying together
right there in the aisle and she had tears in her eyes and thanked me.

So let’s keep praying, giving and working for Jesus because I can think
of no greater joy! I will be in Haiti January, February and part of
March so call or email if you want to come visit.

Pray without ceasing, Ann Hume

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.....
Proverbs 3:5


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Hey, Judy!
I had heard about the airport being shut down. Too bad this has had you change your plans. I figure God must be planning something for you this coming week?
Great story from your friend. I checked out her website. Annie has been through a lot and is doing some amazing things in Haiti!
I also came across a website of note for you to check out...
This is a rescue centre that houses 60 children that are sick from malnutrition. You may or may not already know about them.
So, keep safe Judy. Praying for you all the time. May God bless you in all that you do!

by Snave

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